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A game of the rummy family with special combinations and fairly complex scoring, by Basudeo Agarwal.This section of the card games site is devoted to new games played with existing cards.A trick-taking game with exact bidding game by Paul Newton, in which players not only predict how many tricks they will win, but also which ones.A game by Jeep Barnett in which players play cards from 3-card hands to seize and collect booty.A flexible game played with home-made cards, most of which represent actions (played to the discard pile) or things (played in front of the player).A plague of locusts is a devastating natural disaster. These infestations have been feared and revered throughout history. Unfortunately, they still wreak havoc today.A solitaire game of casting out pairs from a 25-card tableau, by Victor Wakefield.

A game by Nick Bos in which player try to collect a flush by bidding for cards.A solitaire game based on poker hands, contributed by Pramod Mulay.A cribbage variation with a different way of discarding to the crib, by Maria Thomas.A game by Robert Kalin based on a much simplified version of Mah Jong.A game by Richard Bradley in which each card played must be lower than or equal to the previous card.This game for 3 to 7 players by Xavier Lardy uses special cards depicting sausages and kebabs which are rotated as they cook.

Players can lead one or more cards face down, hoping to win if no one challenges by trying to play a higher card or combination.Two players play alternately to a 4x4 layout and score for card combinations in the row and column where the new card is played.A simple solitaire game of luck by Justin Huneke, in which the player tries to guess the suits of cards.A War variation by Emma Dean, with the objective and the ranking of the cards reversed.The Moon phase calculator shows exact times of the various moon phases for Ca Lôc, Tỉnh Bình Định, Vietnam in year 2017 or in other locations and years.A simple but violent game, related to Ace of Spades and Suicide, contributed by Patrick Nance.Lower Euchre is a trick-taking game for three players using rest of the deck: the 24 unused lower cards and two jokers.

Stoddard, in which not all cards are known at the outset, and pairs trump all else.A special deck of 36 cards designed by P.D. Magnus. There are 6 suits but cards of rank 2 to 9 belong to two suits each.A hearts variation by Paul Hoemke in which all four queens affect the scoring.A rummy variant for two players by Matthew Shields, where negotiation and bluff are elements of play.

A two-player trick-taking card game by Matthew Shields, in which players can score bonus points by exposing combinations before the play.A draw and discard game in which players use the cards in their hands to build columns in alternating colours from the king downwards, as in a solitaire game.An Uno variation contributed by Penny Klitzkie and David Hoelzel.

With the free Java program provided you can play these games and customise the deck size and layout.A game inspired by Euchre, with some elements of Sheepshead, contributed by David Schulman.A variation of Switch (British equivalent of Crazy Eights), contributed by David Walters.A simple shedding game in which each card played must be equal or adjacent to the previous one, contributed by Rob and Dan.A card game by Charles Pierce in which the player of the best set wins a stake and an extra card for their hand.The phase changes of matter are studied here by making ice cream in a recloseable. Phase Changes. Lesson and. Recognize the different phases of matter that come.A fast trick-taking game for two players by Matthew Shields, in which one player plays with red cards and the other with black.An unusual trick-taking game in which the cards rank cyclically, and the cards you win in tricks form your hand for the next round.

A rummy game with a varying wild card, in which cards can be laid down out of turn, contributed by Kendall Anderson.A game for two players by Matthew Shields - a twist on his game Third Hand, which rewards cooperation with your opponent - naturally, with strings attached.

A climbing game using alphabet tiles, contributed by Jared McComb.A two-player combat game by Mark Brown, which emulates the popular commercial CCG Magic: the Gathering using a regular deck of playing cards.An unusual two-player trick-taking game, contributed by Bill Hurn.A game by Rick Heli, in which players players get rid of their cards by playing them to a layout representing trolley lines.A variation of five-card draw poker for 4-6 players by Alfred Carter.

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A poker-like game by Wayne Ozarko in which only sequences of consecutive cards have a value.A straightforward two-player game by Vincent Launchbury in which the object is to collect all four aces by playing face cards and jokers as action cards.

A hybrid for two players of several 17th and 18th century betting games, by Robert Reid.A game of chance by Trevin Cowman in which players score points if they are dealt the lowest card or a card matching a face up card on the table.

A game of perfect information for two players, by David Parlett.A domino game of bluff in which players claim to match a throw of two dice using tiles from their hand.A variation of Omaha High Low 8 or Better Poker by Mike Picollelli, formerly known as Cosmic Poker.A Guts variation with a spare hand, contributed (but not invented) by Matt Preston.A whist-like game for three players in which anyone taking a queen in a trick forfeits all tricks so far won.

A game by Robert Kalin based on (Chinese Classical) Mah Jong adapted to be played with Western dominoes, previously known as Four Pack and before that as Stonehenge.An original domino game by Arne Matschinsky in which the tiles are played to a grid and chips are won by surrounding a node of the grid.A two-player rummy variation by Paul Markwick in which players try to collect a run in each suit.

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