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A breeding cross is a cross made to introduce new genetics into the progeny, and is distinguished from a cross, such as a self or a sib cross or a backcross to Abilene as a recurrent parent, made to select among existing genetic alleles.

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The Ti and Ri plasmids of A. tumefaciens and A. rhizogenes, respectively, carry genes responsible for genetic transformation of the plant.Another aspect of the invention provides methods for producing hybrids and other lettuce plants derived from lettuce cultivar Abilene.

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Many commonly used selectable markers for plant transformation are well known in the transformation art, and include, for example, nucleic acids that code for enzymes that metabolically detoxify a selective chemical agent which may be an antibiotic or an herbicide, or nucleic acids that encode an altered target which is insensitive to the inhibitor.. the invention relates to novel romaine lettuce plants. fiber, protein and/or. Lettuce variety Abilene resulted from a cross of romaine lettuce.Crozier et al, J. Agric. Food Chem. 1997, vol. 45, pp. 590-595.

In embodiments, the selected progeny comprises all or essentially all the morphological and physiological characteristics of the first plant of lettuce cultivar Abilene.Examples of promoters under developmental control include promoters that preferentially initiate transcription in certain tissues, such as leaves, roots, seeds, fibers, xylem vessels, tracheids, or sclerenchyma.The seed of the invention can optionally be provided as an essentially homogenous population of seed of a single plant or cultivar.

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Exemplary nucleic acids of interest in this regard conferring a desired added trait(s) include, but are not limited to, those categorized below: A.

For example, see the disclosure by Botella, et al., Plant Mol. Biol., 24:757 (1994), of nucleotide sequences for mung bean calmodulin cDNA clones, and Griess, et al., Plant Physiol., 104:1467 (1994), who provide the nucleotide sequence of a maize calmodulin cDNA clone. 12. A hydrophobic moment peptide.The transgenic lettuce line could then be crossed with another (non-transformed or transformed) line in order to produce a new transgenic lettuce line.For example, see Fehr and Walt, Principles of Cultivar Development, pp. 261-286 (1987).Stem lettuce has long, narrow leaves and thick, edible stems.In embodiments, the plant comprising the transgene has very a medium green color.In representative embodiments, a lettuce plant derived from lettuce cultivar Abilene comprises all of the morphological and physiological characteristics of lettuce cultivar Abilene (e.g., as described in Table 1).Latin lettuce, stem lettuce, and oilseed lettuce are seldom seen in the United States.Alternatively, liposome and spheroplast fusion have been used to introduce expression vectors into plants.

Accessibility Flyer Skip to main content Skip to footer. Sign In. Lettuce & Leafy Vegetables; Peas,. Loblaws Click & Collect.Another method for physical delivery of DNA to plants is sonication of target cells.The present invention relates to a romaine lettuce. i.e., theoretical allelic content; TAC) from lettuce. of lettuce variety Winter Heart will be.However, it will be apparent that certain changes and modifications such as single gene modifications and mutations, somaclonal variants, variant individuals selected from large populations of the plants of the instant inbred and the like may be practiced within the scope of the invention.

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Signal Sequences for Targeting Proteins to Subcellular Compartments.

Rather, these embodiments are provided so that this disclosure will be thorough and complete, and will fully convey the scope of the invention to those skilled in the art.Lettuce Abilene is a medium green romaine lettuce variety suitable for full size production in the coastal areas of California in the Spring, Summer and Fall harvesting seasons, and the Southwest deserts of California and Arizona in the late Fall and early Spring harvesting seasons.To illustrate, if the specification states that a composition comprises components A, B and C, it is specifically intended that any of A, B or C, or a combination thereof, can be omitted and disclaimed singularly or in any combination.Numerous types of promoters are well known in the transformation arts, as are other regulatory elements that can be used alone or in combination with promoters.Optionally, such a vector comprises one or more nucleic acids comprising a coding sequence for a polypeptide or an untranslated functional RNA under control of, or operatively linked to, a regulatory element (for example, a promoter).

More particularly, plants can be genetically engineered to express various phenotypes of agronomic interest or other desired added traits.Lettuce, Iceberg; Lettuce, Romaine; Licorice; Lima Bean; Lime;. The potassium and manganese content in squash is good,. application teaches the use of avidin and avidin homologues as larvicides against insect pests. 5. An enzyme inhibitor, for example, a protease or proteinase inhibitor, or an amylase inhibitor.According to a representative embodiment, the transgenic plant provided for commercial production of foreign protein is a lettuce plant of the invention.Cobb Salad. 25m Prep Time. 2 cups finely chopped romaine lettuce;. Cholesterol 110mg, Sodium 550mg, Total Carbohydrate 13g (Dietary Fiber 8g, Sugars 3g.The present invention provides novel lettuce cultivar Inferno and plant parts, seed, and tissue culture therefrom. The invention also provides methods for producing a.

ageLOC TR90 - Weight Management with Guarantee!. the fiber content in vegetables. 2 cups chopped romaine lettuce 1 oz. julienned red bell pepper 1 cup.DNA molecules which contain chitinase-encoding sequences can be obtained, for example, from the ATCC under Accession Nos. 39637 and 67152.3 hearts romaine lettuce 3 tablespoons unseasoned rice vinegar. (1 g saturated; 0 g trans fats); 0 mg cholesterol; 301 mg sodium; 7 g carbohydrate; 3 g fiber;.8 miracle foods that burn fat. Take note, iceberg lettuce has no fiber, switch to romaine, argula,. The Express Tribune.Map comparisons can involve hybridizations, RFLP, PCR, SSR, and sequencing, all of which are conventional techniques.

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One method for introducing an expression vector into plants is based on the natural transformation system of Agrobacterium.In embodiments, the plant comprising the transgene has slow bolting.The gene that is transferred can be a native gene, a mutated native gene or a transgene introduced by genetic engineering techniques into the plant (or ancestor thereof).

A population of about 320 F2 plants was established in 2008 Spring nursery in San Juan Bautista, Calif., and 16 individual plants were selected and seeds were harvested individually from each plant.

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Optionally, the method further comprises collecting the seed.

About Northern VA’s Charmed Life Birth and. For about 1.5 cups of romaine lettuce. It always. you totally lose the fiber. The sugar content remains.For example, some pollen grains (haploid) cultivated under specific conditions develop plantlets containing 1n chromosomes.In representative embodiments, a plant derived from lettuce cultivar Abilene is a double haploid plant, a hybrid plant or an inbred plant.In 2010 Fall nursery in Yuma, Ariz., a total of 18 F5 lines were established and eight plants were selected from two out of the 18 F5 lines and seeds were harvested individually from each plant.The average plant height (cm) of Abilene, Green Thunder and Del Sol are 36.59, 35.13 and 36.92, respectively.The average core length (mm) of Abilene, Green Thunder and Del Sol are 71.94, 93.12 and 75.18, respectively.In addition, expression vectors and in vitro culture methods for plant cell or tissue transformation and regeneration of plants are available.

Skip To Content. This website uses. 190 g (4 cups) romaine lettuce 145 g (1 cup) frozen blueberries 140 g. loc_en_GB, sid_rcp640005, prod, sort_[SortEntry.Transgenes included in expression vectors are generally driven by a nucleotide sequence comprising a regulatory element (for example, a promoter).

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As a further aspect, the invention provides a method of producing lettuce seed, the method comprising crossing a plant of lettuce cultivar Abilene with itself or a second lettuce plant.Schena, et al., PNAS, 88:0421 (1991). B. Constitutive Promoters: A constitutive promoter is operably linked to a nucleic acid for expression in a plant or the constitutive promoter is operably linked to a nucleotide sequence encoding a signal sequence which is operably linked to a nucleic acid for expression in a plant.Likewise, by means of the present invention, agronomic transgenes and other desired added traits can be expressed in transformed plants (and their progeny, e.g., produced by breeding methods).See also, U.S. Pat. No. 5,591,616 issued Jan. 7, 1997. B. Direct Transgene Transfer.

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